Digital Notebook

I have always been an advocate of science notebooks.  I think the use of a notebook can help a teacher shift to more student-centered practices and I think keeping a notebook can help students to be much more meta-cognitive of what they are learning.  A question that is asked most frequently is about the structure of the notebook.  There are many articles and books on this topic, and I think the bottom line is that the structure is dependent on the purpose of the notebook, how students will be managing their work and how teachers will be providing feedback.

One format I have been playing with recently is building a digital notebook using Google Slides.  Students can easily start their notebook within any Google Drive folder.  Content can be added in a variety of ways:

  • Teacher creates a template and students add content
  • Students create or import information to demonstrate their thinking
  • Students can import collaborative slides from group work
  • Students can embed photos or video
  • Links can extend student thinking and resources to anything online

I’m excited about the prospects of digital notebooks and there are a few examples already in the adapted science GVC.  I will also be including opportunities to think about digital notebooks in the next session of Science Notebooks in Spring Science Online.  I would love to see your examples too!