I am at the end of the Jump Start, Teachers Guide for Tech, summer online class!  This post marks my reflections and goals for future implementation.  I have really enjoyed the course and the people who’ve shared their learning and thinking along the way.  For me, this was a very effective way to think about the content, practice new tools and collaborate with others.

What was my Favorite Module? I loved learning about Thinglink because I had never played with it before and I was excited to try something so new.  There really wasn’t a module that wasn’t meaningful and relevant however.

What Module was the Most Challenging? Simultaneously the most challenging and the most rewarding was in working on this blog.  I started this Word Press blog about a year ago and I have really struggled with meaningful content, a regular posting schedule and sharing the URL with others.  Through this course, I have built a much more realistic and practical approach to using a blog and I think it will work well in my current job as a Curriculum Coordinator.

What Tools will I Start Using? I plan to continue using Word Press, as well as continue using Twitter professionally.  I also already have plans for several more Screencasts to support online courses that I offer.

What’s Next? I have been working through the tutorials to become a Google Certified Educator and I am going to finish that process before school starts in September.

3 Immediate Goals:

  1. Complete tutorials and the online test to become a Google Certified Educator by August 26.
  2. Add  video tutorials to both NGSS 101 and STEM Online courses before the new Science Online session begins in September.
  3. Add a column to my weekly plan that includes a weekly blog post.  Send a link to both curriculum teams each week to forward to teachers.

Take-Aways… This was a rich learning experience made more meaningful by having the intentional practice through a blog and a small group for collaboration.  I look forward to practicing with the tools more and  having a more confident approach to using technology.