I chose to work with mind maps for my Module 6 assignment because I don’t really like mind maps.  I like to organize my thinking in outlines or take sloppy notes the first time and then organize them into outlines as  layer of sense-making.  Mind maps always seem a little …random and cumbersome to me.

I decided that for this experiment, I would not do a rough draft on paper but use the online tool to help with my thinking and I wanted to create something that would help with our district’s curriculum work.  First, I tried Coggle.  I am looking forward to reading other people’s posts, maybe I just tried this on a bad day, but it seemed to reinforce everything I don’t like about mind maps.  I got frustrated and walked away from the project.  Today, I went back to the assignment and tried it again.  I decided to use something different and went to Popplet  It was a completely different experience!


There was a short tutorial when I first logged in that showed me how to use each “popple”.  This tool is very easy to use, and very easy to rearrange.  The essential questions were added in last, though they should have been first. Typically this would cause me frustration because I would need to rearrange everything to build the new level.  With Popplet, you can grab a popple at any level and drag it.  Whatever is linked to it comes along for the ride.

I loved that this tool was flexible enough to allow me to change my mind and hold my thinking.  This would be a great tool to teach students to use as a way to organize their thinking and make sense of big ideas in science.