I have been playing with a blog for a couple of years.  As the Science Coordinator for my school district, I have been hoping to build a blog that will be informative and supportive for teachers at all grade levels.  With this in mind, it has been a struggle to post frequently and to plan for thoughtful blog posts.  Before signing up for this Jump Start course, it was my plan to focus on the blog, rethink the purpose and the layout and create a plan for the next school year.

I appreciate this assignment, as it has pushed me to look at the tools in Word Press more closely.  I’ve reorganized some posts, brought in a new theme and I’ve started planning content that will be more meaningful for my audience.  While there is more here than is required for the Jump Start assignment, I didn’t want to start over.  It’s helpful to continue to practice using this structure and to see how other people have organized their thinking.